Saturday, September 3, 2011

DIY Sunflower Arrangement

Flower Recipe
Glass vision vase 10” x 2.5” x 15”
2 bunches of bare grass
1 bunch of yellow lilies
3 sunflowers
1 ginger stick

1. Bunch together your bare grass. Measuring it against the side of your vase, trim to roughly 2 inches above the rim of your vase.
2. Secure the bare grass with bindwire, about 2 inches up from the bottom end of your bunch.
3. Place the bunch into the center of your vase. Gently fan out the bare grass so that it creates an upside-down triangle in your vase.
4. Measure your ginger sticks against the depth of the vase (front to back of the vase should measure to roughly 2.5 inches deep). Trim your ginger sticks accordingly.  Then use your ginger sticks to maintain the fanned-out shape of your bare grass, placing 1 segment on the top center of the fan, the 2nd segment at the top left of your fan, and the 3rd segment at the top right of your bare grass fan.
5. Clean and trim your lilies. Then place your lilies into the bare grass fan, always being careful to distribute evenly.
6. Decide on the positioning of your sunflower “beauty marks”.  Clean your flowers and trim as necessary. Arrange the sunflowers in your composition.
7. Fill your vase up with water. Change your water every 2 days to enjoy your lovely composition longer!
[Source: Ovando, New York]

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